Much of what is published on this site relates directly to the question of foreigness: or thinking of people as being “foreigners”. Because of its pervasiveness it is important to challenge the assumption that it is OK to treat non-citizens differently – that they are somehow less entitled to human rights. Many articles explore how we unconsciously think in this way.

Agora movie – seeing ourselves through an alien past

Agora movie review The movie Agora (director Alejandro Amenábar) is not history, but perhaps, it rises to allegory. It is well worth watching, despite its ‘interpretative’ approach to history. It is a movie which captures deeper truths about human relationships and its fictionalized past helps us understand the challenges of our conflicted present. The struggles…

Patriotic Cosmopolitanism

patriotic cosmopolitanism - astronaut with international flag of planet earth designed by Oskar Pernefeldt

Can we, at the same time, love our family, our neighbours, our country, our people, humanity and the world we live in? Surely we can. And to love any of them, properly considered, is to love them all: for their welfare is intimately interwoven.  There is no contradiction in speaking of patriotic cosmopolitanism – understood…

Parliamentary Committee: Law to Strip Citizenship Lacks Proper Justification

Senate Chamber

The Human Rights Committee of the Australian Parliament has expressed serious concerns about human rights compatability of the proposed law to strip citizenship from dual nationals suspected of involvement in terrorism. (Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015) The Committee, which has the job of making sure Australian laws are human rights complaint, made…

Upgrade Our Social Operating System

Image licensed under creative commons

“Exiters are leaving outdated systems and creating new ones”. These guys have some interesting ideas.  From their website at: “In this Voice & Exit 2013 talk, V&E co-founder Max Borders sets out his vision for social change. How can people “criticize by creating?” How can human beings flourish? Can we create new communities? Can…

Frontera Movie Review

Frontera movie promo

The Frontera movie is a story about lives shattered by the US-Mexico border. The story unfolds around two families: one from the Mexican side, one from the U.S. side.  Miguel (Michael Peña) crosses the border to find work to support his family, including his pregnant wife Paulina (Eva Longoria).  On the other side lives a…

Movement Against Xenophobia – I am an Immigrant

I am an immigrant

“I AM AN IMMIGRANT” is a positive campaign out of the United Kingdom. It celebrates the contribution immigrants make to society. Xenophobia is rising around Europe.  Rather than buying into the controversy, the campaign shifts the rhetoric by simply telling the truth.  The truth is captured in stories to be placed on posters throughout Britain. …

Under One Sun

Under one sun

“ …We come from one ancestor,  Just one forefather,  And one Earth Mother, Under one sun …” Source:  ABC Radio National: The Baha’i soul of Australian singer Shameem Under One Sun features on Shameem’s album titled The Second City