Movement Against Xenophobia – I am an Immigrant

I am an immigrant“I AM AN IMMIGRANT” is a positive campaign out of the United Kingdom. It celebrates the contribution immigrants make to society.

Xenophobia is rising around Europe.  Rather than buying into the controversy, the campaign shifts the rhetoric by simply telling the truth.  The truth is captured in stories to be placed on posters throughout Britain.  The posters tell the story of the contribution that migrants have made to Britain.  These stories are as diverse as life itself: from heart surgeon to train driver.

Organizers cite the toxic political debate which vilifies migrants and fosters xenophobia as the motivation for the campaign.

The video below introduces the campaign.


The campaign is organised by the Movement Against Racism (MAX).  MAX promotes a positive, egalitarian and inclusive society in the United Kingdom.

Their statement includes the following:

“We want to live in a civilized society where people, irrespective of background, are valued and treated with respect. We are migrants, descendants of migrants and ‘indigenous’ British people. We stand together for a diverse and inclusive society. We believe we can live together with dignity and peace, learning from each other’s differences and contributing to a better place for future generations to live in.”

More information about the I AM AN IMMIGRANT campaign is available at:

and, the MAX site at:


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