Racism operates directly and indirectly to exclude people from real access to equality. Racism feeds unjust policies which deny people categorised as “other”: their human rights. Racism can feed social exclusion within communities and in turn breed cycles of hostility and violence. Treating “non-citizens” differently to “citizens”, apart from what else it amounts to – amounts to discrimination on the basis of race.



Silence. One day I visited a bookstore. It’s one of those clinging to survival in an increasingly post-book world. Aimed at a “discerning” audience it carries a rich diversity of titles – fiction and non-fiction on virtually every topic.  It is particularly well stocked with historical works – Europe, America, Australia, Germany, Britain, France  and others.…

The Poetry of Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Racism and problems of race relations continue to generate injustice and racial animosity around the world. The problem is not confined to any one people or country, but the case of the United States is better known in the English speaking world. The poetry of Langston Hughes comes from a period in which racism had…

Electing the President

Electing the President

There is something fascinating about the “contest” which elects the President of the United States. The 2016 election is no exception. Candidates who weren’t imagined before the election year have come to the fore and with them the discourse and the “contest” has been thrown open. Issues of gender are right on the surface. And…

Racism – a daily reality

racism it stops with me

Racism is an almost daily news item. For many, its a terrible lived problem. But, many have trouble believing it exists, except perhaps at the the margins of society. If we don’t see the obvious symbols of racism: arm bands, hate flags, white hoods, we may think the problem is no longer there.  We have…

Frontera Movie Review

Frontera movie promo

The Frontera movie is a story about lives shattered by the US-Mexico border. The story unfolds around two families: one from the Mexican side, one from the U.S. side.  Miguel (Michael Peña) crosses the border to find work to support his family, including his pregnant wife Paulina (Eva Longoria).  On the other side lives a…

Movement Against Xenophobia – I am an Immigrant

I am an immigrant

“I AM AN IMMIGRANT” is a positive campaign out of the United Kingdom. It celebrates the contribution immigrants make to society. Xenophobia is rising around Europe.  Rather than buying into the controversy, the campaign shifts the rhetoric by simply telling the truth.  The truth is captured in stories to be placed on posters throughout Britain. …

Under One Sun

Under one sun

“ …We come from one ancestor,  Just one forefather,  And one Earth Mother, Under one sun …” Source:  ABC Radio National: The Baha’i soul of Australian singer Shameem Under One Sun features on Shameem’s album titled The Second City

Alain Locke on Identity and Human Rights


Of Alain Locke,  Martin Luther King Jr. said: “We’re going to let our children know that the only philosophers that lived were not Plato and Aristotle, but W. E. B. Du Bois and Alain Locke came through the universe.” In this article we explore an idea in the work of Alain Locke – the idea…