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Pitch Perfect 2 – Feminist Storytelling

Pitch Perfect 2 promo

Warning, this one has some plot spoilers. Pitch Perfect 2, is a great dose of quirky, catchy and exuberant musical fun. And just for fun here are the Barden Bellas with their re-mix of Just the Way You Are from the first Pitch Perfect movie.   But this fun movie has a serious message, not…

The Hundred Foot Journey

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The Hundred Foot Journey, plays out against a physically short distance, yet the distance that keeps the people involved apart, is vast. The movie tells the story of a meeting between two cooking cultures:  Indian and French. Both are proud of their cooking traditions. An Indian family, displaced some time before to England by political…

Hometown Foreigners

Burakumin leather workers from 1873 photo by SHINICHI SUZUKI

We traditionally define a “foreigner” as someone who comes from a country other than our own. But that definition is too easy. It does not fully encompass the range of people who find themselves “foreigners” in their own hometowns (that is facing exclusion and discrimination): sometimes because of the occupation they hold. The Japanese film…