Michael Curtotti

Identity Crisis

Some countries obsess about ‘who we are’.  The obsession becomes more intense, the more people with different coloured skins, different accents, diffent cultures become part of day to day life.  In an age of migration “we” can become very confusing.  Who can “we” be, if quite obviously “us” includes “them”. This question is not just…

The Borders of Science

Surely something as universally true as science could not have borders?  Not in the twenty-first century.  Not in the age of the internet. Like the refugees who face immense challenges in getting into Fortress Europe, getting the benefits of science to the poor in developing countries is incredibly difficult. The most well-known case was that of aids…

Angelina Jolie and the Refugee Warehouses

What makes someone like Angelina Jolie take an interest in the lives of refugees?  What makes anyone take interest?   In this video Angelina visits refugees in Afghanistan.  It’s clear that there is no “foreignness” in how she relates to them.  She sees them as people who are suffering, and to whom we should respond.

Oppression of Women: Gender Apartheid

Full equality of men and women has not been achieved anywhere in the world.   What has been achieved has taken a century and a half.  In some parts of the world, women’s rights are so comprehensively denied that comparisons with apartheid are inadequate to capture the depth of deprivation.  

Will the real foreigners please stand up?

Either we all stand up or none of us do. Recently I read comments on the BBC page on Open Borders. One Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies expresses this view. Borders are essential to nationhood. They are the line between “us” and “them”. Without ‘them’ there can be no ‘us’, precluding the possibility…


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