As you explore this site, you’ll find a diverse range of approaches to the central question it addresses.  How do we overcome the human rights violations that happen in the name of foreignness?

Someone on twitter added Abolish Foreignness to a “Creative Activist” list – and that’s a pretty good way to think about what the site is doing.

The approaches you will find here include articles on human rights topics, or human rights history, mashups of music and videos, poetry, art and literature.   A substantial number of pages and posts have been translated into Spanish.  It would be great to be able to extend this translation work, particularly in more languages.

So there are a lot of ways to get involved.  So if you would like to share your voice on the issues addressed here, or otherwise support the work of this site, please get in touch by writing to

Ways to Contribute

  • By subscribing
  • By submitting an article or other material for publication (articles, music, videos, poetry, art, fictional material, if they are on-topic, they are welcome)
  • by commenting on existing article
  • Helping us translate articles into other languages – whatever language you can help with
  • Volunteering to become a regular contributor (once a month would be great, but less is great too)
  • Joining the Abolish Foreignness Cause on Facebook and inviting your friends.  News about this site will be posted on the Facebook page.
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Promoting this website by sharing the site and posts through facebook, twitter or other social networks

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