Upgrade Our Social Operating System

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“Exiters are leaving outdated systems and creating new ones”. These guys have some interesting ideas.  From their website at: “In this Voice & Exit 2013 talk, V&E co-founder Max Borders sets out his vision for social change. How can people “criticize by creating?” How can human beings flourish? Can we create new communities? Can…

Movement Against Xenophobia – I am an Immigrant

I am an immigrant

“I AM AN IMMIGRANT” is a positive campaign out of the United Kingdom. It celebrates the contribution immigrants make to society. Xenophobia is rising around Europe.  Rather than buying into the controversy, the campaign shifts the rhetoric by simply telling the truth.  The truth is captured in stories to be placed on posters throughout Britain. …

Under One Sun

Under one sun

“ …We come from one ancestor,  Just one forefather,  And one Earth Mother, Under one sun …” Source:  ABC Radio National: The Baha’i soul of Australian singer Shameem Under One Sun features on Shameem’s album titled The Second City

World in Union

John McConnel's Earth Day Flag cc. wikimedia commons

There’s a dream, I feel So rare, so real All the world in union The world as one. Gathering together One mind, one heart Every creed, every color Once joined, never apart. One of the most beautiful anthems to human unity begins with these words.  The anthem comes from Rugby Union.  Perhaps this shouldn’t be…

What does it mean to be human?

Human footprint in sand

The Prem Rawat Foundation asks this question in its video release to mark the 2014 International Day of Peace. It’s just there in the flow of the narrative.  What does it mean to be human? Sometimes, the questions we ask, are the most significant thing.  Some questions create new realities.  They lead to discoveries we didn’t…

The Peace Advocacy of Martin Luther King (Part 4 of 4)

To appreciate Martin Luther King’s thoughts on peace, we must understand his thoughts about the relationship between human beings. He saw all human beings as caught “in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” He expands on this thought in his 1964 speech, “The American Dream”. All I’m saying is…