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Thank you for visiting. This site has been online since 2009. And its time to update this page again as the site continues to evolve.

The core concerns haven’t changed.  Ending discrimination against non-citizens, and more broadly any form of exclusion or inequality remain at the centre of what this website is about.  The core values the site promotes are the values such as those found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:  freedom, equality, human dignity and solidarity. An important subsidiary theme of the site is contributing to a more peaceful world. Issues of the “border” and the mistreatment of human beings in connection with it are an important ongoing theme.

From this year however (2016), the content will (hopefully) begin to be more diverse. From experience, the inspiration to write takes me by surprise, and what may take my interest and result in a new article doesn’t necessarily fit neatly within my self-imposed constraints (such as those described above). For example, an article like Hiroshima and Leo’s Letter explored the atom bomb – the latter taking a semi-fictionalised approach to the topic.  Quite a few articles, like Agora, respond to the ideas and issues raised by movies (one of our leading modern art forms). Some articles draw on the stories and concepts of the Baha’i Faith (of which I am a member): for example: The Duty of Kindess to … Strangers. Quite a few articles are biographical or semi-biographical: like the articles on Alain Locke, Bartholome de las Casas and Lucretia Mott. Sometimes a particular body of thought has useful tools for talking about an issue.  For example, feminism has a great tools for thinking about the issue of power – as for example explored in the themes of Pitch Perfect 2.

At the heart of most of what I write is the conviction that all human beings are one and that translating this into reality and action is the challenge of our times.

Beyond that, human unity is a shadow of the oneness of reality as a whole. Every article (hopefully) is an effort to see and explore this more clearly.

But, notwithstanding the above, I can’t predict what articles may appear here in a year.

Thank you to all the readers who keep me going. You’re a quiet bunch. But your numbers keep increasing over the years and you are from every region of the planet.  Here is what you look like (early 2016).

Readership map for Beyond Foreignness

Also a big thank you to those who have contributed to this site in the past.  If you like what you read, and might what to contribute yourself, my email is below.

Michael Curtotti

Website Founder




Thank you to our Occasional and Regular Contributors

The following are writers who have kindly contributed to the site by submitting one or more articles.  Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution.  Links to articles are provided below.  If you would like to become a contributor, please be in touch with us via info AT abolishforeignness.org  For more information about becoming a contributor (e.g. as a writer, artist, translator or otherwise) visit our Contributors page.

Clare Brennan

Michael Curtotti  (site administrator and primary writer)

Roger Hendrix

Mario Gonzalez (Spanish Translations)

Pene Mathew


Emrys Nekvapil

Thank you also to everyone who has made an image available under a creative commons licence.  So many wonderful images have been drawn from this source.



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    July 16, 2016 at 1:52 am

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    Thanks so much for your kind indulgence

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